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Classify Kitchen Sinks from Different Aspects

Classify Kitchen Sinks from Different Aspects

Classify Kitchen Sinks from Different Aspects

Sep 27,2022

The kitchen sink can be said to be the heart of the kitchen. In modern kitchen design, the kitchen sink can not only clean the ingredients, but also wash the tableware, etc., and it is used frequently.

The role of the kitchen sink in the kitchen cannot be ignored. Choosing the right kitchen sink can save a lot of unnecessary hassle. Understanding the following categories can better help you choose a sink.


Kitchen Sink Material

●  Steel plate enamel
●  Ceramic sink
●  Artificial stone sink
●  Acrylic sink
●  Cast iron enameled sink
●  SUS304 grade stainless steel sink

Kitchen sinks can be divided into the above types according to the material, of course, there are more sinks made of other materials.

As far as the current situation is concerned, many stainless steel sinks are used. The metallic texture of the stainless steel material is quite modern. More importantly, stainless steel panels are thin, lightweight, easy to clean, and have the advantages of corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and moisture resistance.


Kitchen Sink Quantity

At present, the number of sinks in the market is commonly single tanks, double tanks, and three tanks.

●  Single Sinks: There is no partition design, and the big single kitchen sink is affordable and economical, and it is the mainstream of most kitchens now. A single kitchen sink bowl is the first choice for a small kitchen space, can meet the basic cleaning function, and will not feel crowded. You can also choose the single bowl with a board.

●  Double Bowls Sinks: High quality double bowls sinks are suitable for kitchens with larger areas. The equal double bowls sinks(there are also unequal double bowl sinks) on both sides can meet the functional division, one basin for washing and the other for draining water, and with a better experience.

●  Triple Sinks: Triple sinks or sub-slots are mostly special-shaped slots, which are suitable for kitchens with large spaces. Compared with double bowl sinks, there is one more place for the temporary storage of items.

Installation Method

According to the installation method, the sinks can be divided into over-counter basins, semi-countertop basins, and under-counter basins. Among them, on-stage and off-stage are the mainstream installation methods.

●  Countertop Sinks: It is directly embedded on the countertop, which is a relatively firm installation method. However, there is a seam between the sink and the countertop, it is easy to hide dirt and it is not easy to take care of.

●  Semi-countertop Sinks: It refers to an installation method in which the side of the sink and the countertop of the cabinet are flush, which is beautiful and practical. The installation of semi-countertop sinks is more complicated and requires a higher technical level of construction workers.

●  Undermount Sinks: The edge of the sink in the under-counter basin is lower than the countertop, which looks integrated and elegant. Residues and water stains on the high quality undermounted sink table can be easily dealt with by wiping them with a rag.



From big single kitchen sinks to handmade sink double bowls, classic press sinks to high quality handmade sinks, Lansida offers a variety of sinks to meet your needs.

In either case, for kitchen sink selection or maintenance guidance, we welcome you to contact us at Lansida to assist you in the decision-making process.