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FAQ of Stainless Steel Sink

FAQ of Stainless Steel Sink

FAQ of Stainless Steel Sink

Mar 26,2021

Why is my new sink rusting?
  1. Rusting may be caused by the welding of certain parts of the sink, the
accumulation of cement or oil slag. If it is not cleaned on time, it will cause the
sink to rust. It should be cleaned in time after each use.
2. Every time you use the kitchen sink, there are chemicals, detergents, paints,
sauces or cooking oils. After a period of accumulation, these molds will stick to the
surface and cause rust.

Prevention and Treatments:
  1. Clean the flume, especially chemicals, after installing the sink.
  2. Clean your sink after every use.
  3. Use brush to remove rust and rubbish

What will scratch or harm the sink?

1. Improper packaging and collision of the fittings in the friction tank during
transportation can cause scratches. Please try your best slowly to lay the sink and
avoid scratches.
  1. Sharp objects can also scratch the sink

Prevention and Treatments:
  1. Mild scratches: You can use a sponge containing toothpaste to polish it again
and again.
  1. Moderate scratches: Use a scouring pad to polish small areas.
  2. Serious scratch: Purchase stainless steel polisher.

What cause the hard water stains?

If you use the sink after a while, this is the material property of the metal
itself, which is normal.

Prevention and Treatments:
1.Detergents can be easily solved.
2.Clean Daily. Use a soft towel to wipe the sink with warm water.
Mixing in some washer-fluid is advisable. Remember wipe it dry at last.