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How To Install Above-Counter Sink

How To Install Above-Counter Sink

How To Install Above-Counter Sink

Aug 12,2021

Before you install the sink, you should prepare the installation tools and read the instruction. What’s more, follow all local building codes is also crucial. In this article, we will illustrate an instruction for installing a above-counter sink.

Installation tools:

1. Electric drill and 10mm bit
2. Long handle screwdriver
3. Leakproof compound adhesive (silica gel) and packing gun
4. Pencil
5. Protective glasses
6. Sandpaper
7. Cut saw
8. Trimming machine
stainless steel tank stainless steel sink countertop

Installation steps:


● Turn a sink over at the location where it will be installed, back up.
● hold the sink down,then draw the contour line along the edge of it with a pencil
that can be erased later.


Take the sink away and draw the cutting line according to the size of the template paper
within the contour line.


kitchen basin stainless steel sink countertop

●  Accurate cutting is very important.
● Drill a hole of 10mm diameter inside the cutting line in order to put the saw blade of the cutting saw.
● The saw blade cuts out the position of the sink along the cutting line. During the cutting process, hold
on to the part that will be cut so that it does not burst.
● After the cutting is completed, the edge of the incision is smoothed with sandpaper.
● Before installing fastening, put the sink into the incision to check if the size of the incision is suitable or not.


● Fill in the width of 3.0-6.0mm silicone gel between the cutting line and the contour line.
● Too wide silica gel can lead to poor sealing between the sink and the installation table.
● Install the faucet before installing the sink if faucet is needed to install inside the sink.


● Place the front edge of the sink close to the front edge of the countertop opening to cover the
silica gel completely.
● Then place the sink slowly into the incision.
● Finally, wipe the overflowing silica gel and the contour line.


For the convenience and security of installation, the above tools are recommended.
Please be careful when installing, avoid being scratched by the tool.
Carefully identify whether the sink you want to install is above-counter type or undermounted
type before installation.