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How To Unclog Homebase Kitchen Sinks

How To Unclog Homebase Kitchen Sinks

How To Unclog Homebase Kitchen Sinks

Mar 28,2022

If you notice that your homebase kitchen sinks is not draining, drains very slowly, or emits an unpleasant smell, you may have a blockage. It’s crucial to unclog the kitchen sink, in this article, we will walk through methods to unclog it by yourself. Read on to learn how.
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How to unclog your stainless steel tank sink kitchen

1. Hot water rinse method

Flushing the pipes with a lot of hot water is the most common way to dredge the pipes, which is both economical and convenient. Specific method: plug the rag in the drain hole, turn on the hot water faucet, and quickly pull out the rag after filling half the pool of water. Under the action of air pressure, it is quickly poured into the pipeline.

2. Mechanical removal method
If the hot water method does not work, find a long hard wire and make a hooking tool by yourself to solve the problem of shallow blockage. Sometimes pumping pressure back and forth from the bowl sink drain with a drain unclog can solve part of the problem.

3.Chemical cleaning agent method
If none of the above methods work, consider using a dedicated pipe cleaner for decontamination. At present, there are many cleaning products for kitchen pipes on the market, ranging from l7iquid to powder. However, due to the corrosive effect of the cleaning agent, the instructions for use of the product must be strictly followed during use. So when choosing a chemical cleaning agent, you need to read carefully whether the decontamination product is suitable for your home equipment. In order to protect the environment, you can also make some environmentally friendly cleaning agents to clean the pipes. For example, after neutralizing and stirring the same amount of baking soda and acetic acid, pouring them into the pipes can also remove a lot of dirt.

4, plastic bottle cleaning method

We also put a little water in the sink. The amount of clean water in the sink is probably just below the bottom of the sink. Then we quickly put the filled mineral water bottle at the drain, and the speed must be fast. Then after the buckle is upside down, we only need to squeeze the water bottle vigorously, so that the air pressure of the water will easily flush the blockage down, and the sink will be unclogged instantly.


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