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Lansida Have Kitchen Sinks largely in stock | Best Kitchen Sink Supplier

Lansida Have Kitchen Sinks largely in stock | Best Kitchen Sink Supplier

Lansida Have Kitchen Sinks largely in stock | Best Kitchen Sink Supplier

Sep 29,2021

The beauty of the kitchen sink is that it is available in different designs and you can explore different surface treatment ideas including electric plating, decor, and polished. It is also a plus when it comes to enhancing the beauty,  practicability, design of your home. As we know how significant it is to offer kitchen sinks and related products that you can depend on, we always take quality and service as our first top priority.

For many years, Lansida has been committed to providing the best quality China kitchen sinks, which helps to occupy market share and increase competitiveness. We have Stainless steel kitchen sinks with various designs and sizes large in stock, and we can also customize kitchen sinks OEM or ODM for your special needs.

With kitchen sinks now available in more shapes, sizes, colors, and materials than ever before, the options can seem overwhelming. Stainless steel sinks come from satin, polished, mirror, or matte finishes. In this post, we will illustrate the sink kitchen unit that is available in our factory. 


● Polished Kitchen Sink

The polished finish on Crafted Stainless Steel highlights the sleek, subtly dimpled stainless steel surface with enhanced shine.  Our glamorous polished stainless-steel finish brings light and luster to your kitchen sink. The high-shine finish enhances the beloved look of stainless steel and blends perfectly with high-quality, reflective stainless-steel faucet finishes. 

A polished kitchen sink will provide a sleek look but will require more care and maintenance to preserve an unblemished appearance. We listed some polished kitchen sink that combine modern design aesthetics with the practicability below. 
stainless steel basin double bowls with a tray

● Brushed Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink with brushed texture features an alluring brushed satin finish and it can  hide minor scratching and water spots. The brushed finish can accumulate within the grooves and limits the ability of fluid to bead on the material surface, thus, a kitchen sink with the polished satin finish is a wise choice for something like a kitchen sink or cabinet hardware.

A brushed satin finish will not rust or stain and it is designed to be easy on the eyes and smooth to the touch, which enhances the streamlined design of this kitchen sink. Our kitchen sink is constructed with high quality 304 steel, therefore, it is scratch and stain resistant. Compared to the conventional kitchen sink, it offers a more matte look and the coordinated look with the brushed tap is quite stunning. But you need to notice that you should maintain it carefully because a brushed finish is slightly more susceptible to corrosion.

Single bowl kitchen sink & double bowl kitchen sink with stain finish

● Handmade Sink

Lansida is Sus304 handmade sink manufacturers in China, and we provide custom stainless steel sink for sale.


  1. Material: SUS304
  2. Square corner or round corner can be chosen
  3. Surface Treatment can be finished in satin or snowflake polished.
  4. Fixing clips> sound deadening pads> underneath coating is available.
  5. Customized specifications are welcome

● Tempered Glass Kitchen Sink

As the name suggests, tempered glass is a glass that can reflect light and it features stain-proof, impact, and heat resistant to withstand years of use. And tempered glass helps to optically enlarge the space and make you feel like the kitchen is bright, even though for the small kitchen. We have a tempered kitchen sink which is available in many shapes, sizes, and installation types.

With the trend of decoration in 2021, many people adopt matte treatment for their kitchen wooden part, and the tempered kitchen sink is a perfect contrast to them because the reflection of glass will already be sufficient contrast and suitable emphasis in comparison to the matte color.

What's more, the tempered kitchen sink shines its exceptional smoothness. You just need to wipe the edge and draining surface with a soft cloth, then you can get a clean sink after cooking. It can uncompromised hygiene and not accumulate bacteria.
Tempered glass undermount kitchen sink

● For Kitchen Accessories


1.Sink Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen faucets come in various styles and sizes and the options are vast. You have a wide range of faucets to choose from, such as single or dual handles, high or low arc, pull-down or pull-out, etc. We list our hot sale series of small kitchen sink taps, to help you find the perfect one for your kitchen. 


2.Draining Basket

The draining basket is a kitchen essential that can help you to dry the kitchen cookware and utensils, such as fruit, vegetables, etc. They need to be durable, cirri Suib resistant, because they may be in constant contact with the corrosive materials. Noted that the color of the basket should match the design of your kitchen. 
draining basket of kitchen sink

3.Soap Dispenser and Chopping Board 

Soap Dispenser and Chopping Board





Our stainless steel kitchen sinks and the related products are a popular choice for the market in 2021, the neutral color and sleek finish of stainless steel complements a wide range of contemporary and transitional kitchen styles.Lansida is one of the sus304 kitchen sink facotry in China, you can definitely find the right kitchen sink with the perfect design and excellent quality in Lansida.