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Modern Press Sink: Single Bowl with a Board

Modern Press Sink: Single Bowl with a Board

Modern Press Sink: Single Bowl with a Board

Dec 29,2023

Homebase kitchen sinks are changing the way homeowners view their kitchens, offering functional and space-saving solutions. One standout product in this line is the kitchen sink single bowl with a board. If you're considering a kitchen upgrade, this could be your ideal choice.
If you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen, the single bowl with a board may be one of the ideal choices.

Modern Kitchen Sink - Single Bowl with a Board

A Homebase kitchen sink single bowl with a board is a versatile and convenient fixture that combines the functionality of a sink and a board into one efficient unit. This unique design is part of the reason why Homebase kitchen sinks have become a popular choice among homeowners.

The design features a spacious single bowl for washing dishes and food prep, complemented by a board, making it a multitasking asset in any kitchen.

Advantages of a Single Bowl with a Board


With everything you need in one place, this sink simplifies your workflow in the kitchen. You can chop vegetables, rinse them, and move on to the cooking process without changing stations.


Particularly suitable for smaller kitchens or limited counter space, and offers a functional solution without compromising on style.

Materials Used in Kitchen Sink Single Bowl with a Board

Homebase kitchen sinks, particularly those made from SUS 304 stainless steel, are chosen by many homeowners because of their durability, stain, and corrosion resistance. Plus, the modern and sleek look of stainless steel adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen.

Style and Design Options

Homebase kitchen sinks, specifically the single bowl with a board model, add a touch of functionality and elegance to any space. With a variety of styles and finishes, from traditional to contemporary designs, these sinks can complement any kitchen aesthetic.  Homebase kitchen sinks use SUS304 grade stainless steel as the raw material, ensuring durability and a premium finish. Whether polished or plated, these sinks are designed to impress. Additional features like fixing clips, acoustic pads, and primers are also available for enhanced functionality.

If you're working with limited kitchen space or aim to create a seamless, organized layout, a Homebase kitchen sink - single bowl with a board, can be an excellent addition.

Installation Requirements

When installing a Homebase kitchen sink, particularly the single bowl with a board model, it's important to consider the available space in your kitchen. Make sure there's enough clearance for the sink and board to be used comfortably without obstruction. For secure and correct installation, hiring a professional plumber is recommended. When purchasing a Homebase kitchen sink, consider the size of your kitchen and your specific needs. Lansida offers a range of sizes and designs to suit different kitchen layouts and personal preferences. Remember, the right sink can significantly enhance your kitchen's functionality and aesthetics.

Maintenance Tips for Kitchen Sink Single Bowl with a Board

Regular cleaning of your Homebase kitchen sink with mild detergent and warm water can help prevent dirt and bacterial buildup. To preserve the longevity of your sink, avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners that could scratch or damage the surface. To maintain the shine and new look of your Homebase kitchen sink, consider using a soft cloth and a stainless steel cleaner. This not only helps to keep the sink clean but also protects the surface from potential damage. Regular maintenance will ensure your sink continues to be a centerpiece in your kitchen for years to come.


Homebase kitchen sinks, especially the single bowl with a board model, are brilliant innovations that streamline kitchen tasks and optimize space. By combining the convenience of a sink with an integrated board, they offer efficiency, versatility, and style to any kitchen.

With a wide range of materials, styles, and designs, Homebase kitchen sinks offer the perfect fit for your kitchen décor while providing the benefits of a multi-functional fixture. Upgrade your kitchen with a Homebase stainless steel single bowl with a board today, and experience the convenience it brings to your daily cooking routine.