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What To Consider When Choosing A Kitchen Sink?

What To Consider When Choosing A Kitchen Sink?

What To Consider When Choosing A Kitchen Sink?

Oct 08,2021

The role of the kitchen sink in the kitchen cannot be ignored. In modern kitchen design, the kitchen sink can not only clean up ingredients, but also wash tableware, etc., with a high frequency of use.

Choosing the right kitchen sink can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a sink:

Kitchen Space

A single bowl sink is more suitable if the kitchen space is small. Single bowl sink can meet the most basic cleaning functions. In addition to being economical, they are also easier to install, and are often chosen by families with too little kitchen space. Like washing in a large space, a large single bowl sink is a good choice.

The double bowl sink can meet the needs of separate treatment of cleaning and conditioning, and can separate vegetables, fruits, pots and utensils in time.

If the kitchen space is larger, the range of options is wider, and you can choose a triple bowl sink or a sink with a drain board. Because the triple bowl sink are mostly special-shaped designs, they are more suitable for large kitchens with individual styles.


A sink with a large cleaning volume is practical. Normally, the depth of the sink is 200mm, which can effectively prevent water from splashing.


The sink with a thickness of 0.8-1.0mm has toughness, which can avoid the damage of various types of porcelain due to impacts. When selecting a kitchen sink, press the surface of the sink with your hand. If you can press it down, it means that the material is too thin and the quality is poor.


Stainless steel sinks will be heavier, while counterfeit and inferior stainless steel, such as chrome-plated steel plates, is lighter.

Surface Roughness

A kitchen sink with poor flatness will not only affect the overall appearance, but also easily cause water seepage and fouling.

Matching Parts

A high-quality water-tap requires a smooth surface, no water leakage when closed, and has the characteristics of durability, odor resistance, and aging resistance. 
High-quality sewer pipe materials should have the characteristics of high sealing, heat resistance, anti-odor and anti-returning odor design, no blockage, water seepage, etc.
The drain should be convenient and quick to store water, and can automatically filter impurities to avoid clogging the drain.

Last but not least, after understanding the process requirements of some kitchen sinks, we should also pay attention to the choice of the manufacturer to see if the process of its production line is mature. To choose a good quality kitchen sink, the strength of the manufacturer must be indispensable.


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