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Handmade sink basins get their name from the process of forming them by hand and welding the corners. Compared to pressed sinks, handmade sink basins do offer greater functionality than pressed sinks, the distinctive look of series 304 handmade sinks is the most obvious difference, but the extra space is one of the most significant benefits of kitchen sink handmade.

The handmade sink double bowl model allows one to wash dishes and one to control water. Handmade double bowls sinks allow for separate washing of hot and cold, grease, clean and dirty than a single kitchen sink bowl. 

There are handmade equal double bowls sinks and unequal double bowl sinks to choose from. A double basin sink may take up more space than a single basin sink, but it allows the kitchen to be diversified in the form of a certain space, which is convenient to use.

Lansida has become one of the fastest-growing 304 stainless steel sink manufacturers in China. More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing stainless steel kitchen sinks. As one of the professional single bowl and double bowls sink manufacturers, Lansida offers high quality handmade sinks wholesale.

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