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There are numerous series 304 handmade sink configurations in the market but two of the most common are the single and handmade sink double bowl. These high quality handmade sinks have their pros and cons but they remain some of the best sinks that money can buy both in functionality and beauty.

High Quality SUS304 Handmade Sink

Handmade sink gets its name from the process of forming the sink by hand and welding the corners. This process results in tight radius corners and straight lines throughout the basin. The end product is a professional or industrial appearance, a significant departure from the gradual curves of a pressed sink.

Our dexterously crafted square top mount sink will aesthetically complement your kitchen design. Spice up your ordinary kitchen space with the edginess of handmade square sinks. These come with curved edges that prevent the sticking of food waste on the sides while the unique ‘X’ groove allows for effortless drainage and seamless flow of water.

Single Bowl and Double Bowls Sink

The shapes and sizes of a bowl come into consideration when choosing either a single handmade sink or a handmade sink double bowl. If you intend to cook and wash frequently, then a handmade sink double bowl will come in handy. However, a single bowl handmade sink is suitable in a small-spaced kitchen.

Triple Bowl Handmade Sink

Triple bowl sinks have many uses, allowing the user to segregate their tasks easily. Using a triple sink makes the prep process easy. 

Handmade Sink with Drainboard

A drain board is placed next to the kitchen sink. single bowl with a board or two bowls with a board is specially designed so that the water that drips from dishes will run into the sink.

Modern Apron Sink

Also known as a farm sink, this is a deep and wide sink vessel with an exposed front that's meant to protrude slightly beyond your lower cabinetry. To fit high quality apron sink seamlessly, your countertops and cabinets will need to be cut exactly to their dimensions.

Tempered Glass Sink

Unlike standard stainless steel tank undermount kitchen sink and ceramic sinks, tempered glass sinks offer a wow factor to any kitchen or bathroom due to their artistic design and wide range of colors and patterns.

SUS304 Handmade Sink Manufacturers

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The question remains Which is better – single China sus304 handmade sink, handmade sink double bowl, handmade triple sink, or others? The decision is yours to make! Our only verdict is dependent on the available space, intended use, and of course, your budget. 

As one of the SUS304 handmade sink manufacturers, we can bring your idea to life with a quick turnaround and competitive pricing. 

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